January 2013 Solutions

02/01/2013 - Black's Mate (*)

A nice easy one to start the year.

1...Qg2+ 2.Bxg Rd1+ 3.Bf1 Rxf1#


03/01/2013 - White Five O (**)

In this position the Black King has no defenders near it and can be easily exposed against White's open files.

1.Nc6+ bxc6 (1...Ka8 2.Qa7#) 2.Qxa7+ Kxa7 3.Ra1+ Kb6 (3...Kb8 or 3...Kb7 4.Rb1#) 4.Rb1 Kc5 5.Ra5#


04/01/2013 - White Resigns (**)

The attack is unstoppable and the mate inevitable!  This attack is hard to visualise, but the vulnerable Black King helps to concentrate the mind on forcing/checking maneuvers.

1.Qc1+ Rb1 2.Nb3+ axb3 3.Qa3#


07/01/2013 - Williamsonian (**)

1.Qxb2 (the King must move) 1...Kd6 2.Qxg7 (and the King is forced back) 2...Kd5 3.Qf7#


08/01/2013 - 17/08/2012 Revisited (**)

A strange one here, as we play the Queen into a seemingly dangerous position.

1...Qb2! 2.h2 (2.Rxb2 Rxa1+ 3.Rb1 Rxb1+ 4.Qd1 Rxd1#) 2...Rxa1 3.Rxa1 Qxa1+ (with a won game)


09/01/2013 - 16/08/2012 Revisited (**)

Even with all this fire-power around the Black King, White must take another piece to mate quickly!

1.Bxc2 Be7 (or anywhere along that diagonal) (1...Kg5 2.Qe5#) 2.Qa5 Bc5 (forced) 3.Qxc5#


10/01/2013 - It is Mate (*)

The important point here, is to look at the attacking positions of the two white Knights and the restricted Black King.

1.Nxh7+ Nxh7 2.Ng6#


11/01/2013 - Advantage White (***)

The Black Queen is cut off from the rest of her army - trapping her looks a possibility!

1.R5a3 Qc4 (or 1...Qc2) Rc1!  The Queen is trapped and White holds a clear material advantage.


14/01/2013 - Very Simple (*)

This looks like White is about to mate... and that's because he is!

1.Rxh6#!  It was a mate in 1... did you see it?


15/01/2013 - White's Quick Win (**)

Whilst there is no mate in one, there is a restricted King and a chance for White to force mate in two... as follows.

1.Qe7!! Bxf4 Be4#
1.Qe7!! Kxf4 Qf6#
1.Qe7!! Bg7 Qg5#
1.Qe7!! Bg6 Qe5#


16/01/2013 - Sac It All! (***)

1...Ng3+! 2.hxg3 hxg3+ 3.Kg1 Nf2+! 4.Rxf2 (or mate with Rh1# will come soon) 4...Rh1+!! 5.Kxh1 gxf2 and Black cannot be stopped from getting a Queen and winning the game.

1...Ng3+! 2.Kg1 Nxf1 3.Kxf1 Rf8+ 4.Ke2 Rf2+ and an easy win for Black.


17/01/2013 - Black Wins Again (*)

1...Rd8!! The White Queen is pinned and after 2.Qxf5 Rxd1#


18/01/2013 - White Lighting (***)

1.Nd7+ Ka8 2.Qxb5 axb5 3.Ra4+ bxa4 Rb5+

Black's best might be to play 2...Qxe3 but after 3.Qb3 Black has a clear material advantage.


21/01/2013 - A Classic (***)

This is a tough puzzle and requires the use of the all three pieces to trp the Black King into a small area of the board.

1.Bc6 giving Black only one option 1...Kf5 2.Re2 and the Black King is penned in.

2...Kg5 3.Be8 Kf5 4.Re5#
2...d5 3.Be8 d3 (3...Kg5 4.Rf5#) 4.Re5#
Best is:
2...Kg6 3.Re7 Kg5 (3...Kh5 4.Be8+ Kg5 5.Rf5#) 4.Be8 Kf5 5.Re5# 


22/01/2013 - Again (***)


23/01/2013 - Zuzwang Cometh (**)

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