King and Pawn Endgames

Last updated (16/07/2012)

King and Pawn Endgame 1

It is White to move and to win. The e8 square is the promotion square and White's King must gain control of that square. 

White could of course go to d2, but one endgame principle is to put your King on the short side. 

1...Ke7 2.Kf3 Ke6 3.Ke4 
Both Kings face each other in the centre. White has the opposition, but with a pawn move available, he could force this anyway, as we see in other lines. [3.Ke3 This is a huge mistake and draws immediately, because White cannot progress. 3...Ke5 The drawing move. 4.Kd3Kd5 Here we can see how Black can draw by keeping the opposition. 5.e3 Ke5 6.e4 Ke6 7.Kd4 Kd68.e5+ Ke7 Note how the King always moves back behind the pawn, but keeps opposition. (8...Ke69.Ke4 Ke7 10.Kd5 Transposes.9.Kd5 Kd7 10.e6+ Ke8 11.Kd6 Kd8 12.e7+ Ke8 13.Ke6Stalemate! 1/2-1/2] 

[3...Kd6 4.Kf5 Remember the pawn can jump straight to e4, so White should take the opposite flank to Black. 4...Ke7 5.Ke5 Kd7 6.Kf6 Repeating the trick. 6...Kd6 Black may try to attack the pawn. 7.e4 However, e4 controls d5 and stops this idea. 7...Kd7 8.e5 Ke8 9.Ke6 Getting the oppositon and forcing Black's King to give up control of e8. (9.e6 This is a mistake giving a draw away as Black can now take the opposition. 9...Kf8 10.e7+ (10.Ke5 Ke7 Black can keep the opposition. 11.Kd5 Ke8 Remembering to move back. 12.Kd6 Kd8 A draw. 1/2-1/210...Ke811.Ke6 Stalemate! 1/2-1/2) 9...Kd8 10.Kf7 The same idea as before going to the opposite side and getting control of e8. 10...Kd7 Now the White Pawn can be marched down and promoted. 11.e6+Kd8 12.e7+ Kd7 13.e8Q+ White wins! 1-0] 

Best to leave the way open for the Pawn, but Ke5 also works. 

[4...Ke8 In this line Black tries to sit on the e8 square. 5.Ke6 Kd8 6.e4 Ke8 7.e5 White brings his pawn up in two moves to make sure Black has to give up the opposition. 7...Kd8 8.Kf7 Gaining control of e8 at the first opportunity. Now the Pawn can march to victory. 8...Kd7 9.e6+ Kd8 10.e7+Kd7 11.e8Q+ White wins! 1-0] 

Forcing Black back and importantly White keeps his King infront of the pawn. 

5...Ke7 6.Ke5 
White has the opposition and can force black off the e-file. 

6...Kd7 7.Kf6 
White needs to always move to the opposite side of the Black King. 

7...Ke8 8.e5 Kd7 9.Kf7 
Notice how the White King protects the square in front of the pawn and gains control of the e8 square. 

9...Kd8 10.e6 
And the pawn can march to victory. 

10...Kc7 11.e7 Kd7 12.e8Q+ 1-0

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