Monday, 9 July 2012

Update: 09/07/2012

As this blog/app grows I've decided to write a weekly update.

On the puzzle front, this week has seen the completion of June's solutions and the start of July's.  I hope to be fully up-to-date with July's by tomorrow evening  I check these carefully, but if you see a mistake let me know and I'll happily correct them.

There's also been the release of the first lesson - on the "Pawn Endgame Principles" page.  I'll be adding more principles as well as endgame studies, opening lessons and middlegame studies.  To help cater for every reader, these will range from the beginner to master level.  The first lesson this week is definitely beginner.

Finally, I want to say thank you for your feedback. I have an average of 170 reading this blog each day, via the blog, which has been downloaded nearly 200 times now.  This started as a basic blog, which someone suggested I released as an app and as long as 1 person reads I will continue to write, so thank you.